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ETC’s AlienVault USM (Unified Security Management) Solution

Today’s security threats are advanced and constantly evolving. Threats become more complex and targeted for companies dealing with large amounts of sensitive customer and company information. Such organizations need to have an easily-manageable and reasonably-priced solution to ensure they are not susceptible to attacks, that they can respond quickly and effectively in the case they are attacked, and that they meet and surpass compliance standards that are in place to protect their customers. The peace of mind that can be achieved with such a solution creates indispensable value for both the company and the customer alike.

AlienVault USM is the all-in-one solution Security Management tool that is ideal for mid-market organizations. In this Educational Series, we will delve into the various powerful features and demonstrate how to make the most of them. This series is designed both for companies interested in AlienVault and those that already use it. In this article, we will introduce AlienVault from a bird’s-eye view – and then we will follow up with more detail in later installments.

Not only is AlienVault USM reliable and cost-effective, but it is also very fast to implement. As soon as it is turned on, the Asset Discovery feature identifies the assets on your network – along with metadata, software services, operating system information, hardware information, and users that are logged in. You can then access all of this information in one screen. This saves you both time and money.

One of the benefits of having all of your security management services bundled into AlienVault Unified Security Management is that asset information discovered is correlated with known vulnerabilities, and the intrusion detection system is constantly updated.

Some of the Behavioral Monitoring capabilities in USM include: Netflow information, bandwidth monitoring, and Traffic capture.

AlienVault also makes extensive use of information from outside of your network in order to keep your information and the information of your clients safe and uncompromised. AlienVault Labs has security researchers constantly updating the knowledge in the AlienVault Threat Inteligence system, and this data is transmitted directly to USM. This goes beyond the more traditional signature-based detection methods with which you may be familiar. The applicable alarms are shown in the interface, and they are separated by the intent of the attacker. This provides your team with a categorized survey of threats. You will receive information on malware infection attempts, and you are able to drill down to identify information for a given host. AlienVaults Opent Threat Exchange – aka “OTX” – empowers you to easily identify known malicious attackers as they seek to target your environment.

Compliance is a very important part of your organization’s Security Management efforts, and for those companies subject to strict compliance regulations, AlientVault USM’s compliance-ensuring technology is worth the price alone. USM not only collects the data you will need for your reports, but also generates the reports in the formats you will need to present to auditors.

What AlienVault’s Unified Security Management ultimately means for your organization’s security team is that you will have complete security visibility that is fast and easily accessible. Rather than spending time setting up and coordinating several tools, your team will be able to spend more time responding to and investigating alarms related to people using and potentially targeting your systems. You can have it set up in a matter of minutes. Watch the video to learn more.

This is part of ETC’s Managed Security Educational Series to inform both current and prospective AlienVault customers of its features and managed security best practices. If you haven’t already, Opt in below to receive our educational series by email. Conveniently schedule a free assessment to determine your custom Managed Security needs. Call our specialists at (217) 228-6180 to discuss the best managed security solutions for you.

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