Vervocity Interactive

Vervocity Interactive was formerly the Web Design and Programming Team of ETC ComputerLand. Vervocity was created in January of 2014 to allow for more focus on the website development, design and service you’ve come to expect from ETC ComputerLand.

The Vervocity Interactive team builds custom websites, offers design expertise, designs CMS, builds custom programming applications, develops mobile apps, provides eMarketing solutions and much more. Vervocity’s experts will take any client’s business process and turn it into a software-based program or mobile app that is much more user-friendly and efficient.

The 13 team members at Vervocity have created more than 200 websites and have a broad range of knowledge. The team includes certified programmers, web designers, front-end developers, mobile app developers, search engine optimization (SEO) specialists, pay per click (PPC) advertising specialists, social media marketing and content experts, a business development manager and a project manager. All but one of the team work in Quincy, Illinois at 3701 E Lake Center Suite #9. The other team member is based in Waterloo, Illinois.

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