Let us be your resource.  We recommend the following programs to keep your computer as clean as possible.

  • Ad-Aware – An easy to install free antivirus product.
  • Spybot – A free search & destroy product that can detect and remove adware files and ensure complete elimination from your system.
  • AVG Anti-Virus Protection – A free tool for scanning your hard drive and e-mail that includes a real-time shield to protect against infections.
  • Microsoft Windows Defender – Free malware protection software for Windows users that helps identify and remove viruses, spyware, and other malicious software.
  • Mozilla Firefox – A free, customizable web browser with increased security.

We also recommend the following links for your hard to solve questions.

  • – Learn more about the latest consumer technology breakthroughs.
  • – An online forum about all things IT and technology.
  • – Learn more about Cisco solutions for networking, security, storage, data management, and more.
  • – News coverage and analysis on trends, technology, and IT opportunities from CBS Interactive.

ETC ComputerLand offers these resources to help you keep your business and personal computers running smoothly.  If you’d like more personalized help, give us a call at 217-228-6180.