VoIP Phone Systems

How would you like to save up to 70% of your current monthly phone bill?

Businesses of all sizes are switching to VoIP solutions to save money. But it’s not just about savings, an upgraded phone system can give you improved reliability, mobility, and scalability.

When you’re ready to have the most technologically advanced productivity tools for your organization, we have the system and phones for you.

ETC ComputerLand is the area’s leading IT provider with the most diversified VoIP and Network experience. We’ve been installing and supporting VoIP systems since 2004!


3CX is a software based PBX which runs on mainstream operating systems, and works with SIP standard based IP Phones, SIP trunks and VoIP Gateways to provide a full PBX solution – without the inflated cost and management headaches of an ‘old style’ PBX. Used by more than 30,000 companies globally, 3CX has been recognized for its innovation and cutting-edge technology.

Cisco Unified Communications

Cisco Unified Communications combines multiple forms of business communications into a single unified solution. It helps your customers communicate more efficiently and effectively while saving time and money.

Skype for Business

Add PSTN calling to your Office 365 subscription.

Meraki Communications

  • 100% Cloud Managed
  • Easy Provisioning
  • Manage All the Essentials


FortiVoice works with your existing phones and offers easy do-it-yourself setup.

Are you maintaining phone service in multiple locations? Our technicians don’t see a need for you to pay two or more phone bills. VoIP excels in multi-location use and will simplify your systems.



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