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You need a comprehensive solution for your web and network security. ETC ComputerLand delivers it and will even manage it for you. Let us protect your systems against spyware, malware, and viruses with hosted web security and other network security services.  Our experts can give you personalized plan to meet your unique concerns.  

Take the appropriate steps to protect your underlying network infrastructure with network security products from ETC ComputerLand.  We’ll help you secure your platform from the intruders who want to damage your business.

Bitdefender | Surveillance Solutions | Other Security Resources


ETC ComputerLand can help you experience unparalleled security with Bitdefender solutions.  Bitdefender technology is an industry leader in internationally certified Internet Security software.

The unprecedented rise of new threats has deemed traditional security mechanisms both ineffective and unreliable in providing adequate defense. Today’s pervasive threats have increased in complexity, making prevention, detection, and remediation difficult for traditional security software. Bitdefender has you covered. Click here to read more about Bitdefender Advanced Threat Control.

Surveillance Solutions

If you’re concerned about physical security, we can help you there too.  Monitor your business, your employees, or your customers from anywhere with our remote surveillance systems.  A new system will improve your safety and security, and will bring you added peace of mind.

Other Security Resources

Want to keep up with what is going on in the security field? We recommend you check out the following sources of reliable information.

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  • – Brian Krebs blog on security issues is one of the best on the web.


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Security Solutions