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Don’t be intimidated by “the Cloud” or cloud solutions. Consider that consumers once bought CDs to enjoy music. Today there is no need to have a physical CD on a shelf. In the same way, you can now manage, store, and process your data and email securely in the cloud with cloud solutions.

Our cloud solutions technicians can provide you with a comprehensive package of cloud-based products for your business needs. We will guide you through adopting secure cloud solutions including servers, networks, email, and more. Let us explain cloud computing in the easiest of terms and bring your company the value and flexibility you need for improved functionality.

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Microsoft Office 365

Get your business off to the right start with an Office 365 package from Microsoft. The right tools will streamline your processes and help you grow. Office 365 can go with you anywhere on any device. Store your files securely in the cloud while you view, share, or edit your documents online. You’ll find Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, Access, OneDrive, and Skype available in an Office 365 customized cloud solutions package.

Are you looking for an affordable email solution? The bulk of your organization’s information is in emails and documents in sometimes hundreds of mailboxes, servers, and devices. An Office 365 cloud solutions package will help you take control and quickly find and retain all that email information.


Change the way you work with Google Suite. Enjoy secure Google apps features including business email, video, and voice calling, integrated online calendars, 30GB of cloud storage, security controls, and online text documents, spreadsheets, and slides. Upgrade to the Advanced Google Apps package if you’re looking for unlimited cloud storage, advanced admin controls for Drive, message retention policies, Google Vault, expert search, export and archive options, and much more. ETC ComputerLand will help you choose the productivity suite that satisfies your particular needs.

Does your computer consultant claim he is saving you money while maintaining outdated servers and equipment? Our technicians help you determine when it is best to stop spending money on aged equipment. Sometimes it best to replace older equipment. You’ll see improved efficiency and may save money too.

Does your consultant setup free email without a custom or vanity domain? We can help you put forth the best image to your clients with a custom domain that reflects your brand. Be a leader in your industry. Project a professional image with a custom domain.

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Cloud Services