Backup Solutions and Disaster Recovery

Barracuda | Mozy Backup Solutions | Carbonite Backup Solutions

Good backup solutions are what you need if you don’t have time for costly downtime.  Let our managed services program manage your critical services and backup solutions.  Our team will significantly reduce downtime by shortening time from failure to resolution.  At the first sign of trouble, we will alert you of the issue and automatically begin the remediation process.  In a competitive environment, your downtime costs you more than just time.  Don’t let it cost you your money and reputation.

Barracuda | Mozy Backup Solutions | Carbonite Backup Solutions

Barracuda Backup Solutions

Easily secure your important data, emails and applications with Barracuda Data Protection Plus. Barracuda’s storage technology is designed to simplify IT and improve efficiency. The Barracuda solution is very robust, offering an onsite appliance to back up your data locally. It then replicates your most critical data to their secure cloud.

Mozy Backup Solutions

Mozy cloud backup service provides smooth and efficient backup solutions for consumers or businesses.  With Mozy backup solutions, your files are available with one click in Windows or at the touch of a finger on your app for iOS and Android.

Carbonite Backup Solutions

Carbonite offers online business backup solutions from automatic and continuous cloud backup, server plans, or appliance protection to meet demands.  You’ll be able to back up to the cloud, locally to a hardware device like a networked drive, or to both depending upon your needs and investment.  Take advantage of backup solutions at your speed.

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Are you still relying on outdated tape backups? Tape backups can be unreliable, and we will customize a backup solution for your IT needs.

Does your IT service provider backup your network before a project or upgrade?  Backups of this nature are standard for our technicians. We take precautions to prevent failures and software glitches that occasionally occur during upgrades.

Prepare your business for disaster, like power outages, hackers, fire, flood. ETC ComputerLand offers solutions ranging from offsite backup solutions and recovery to replication.  Our team will assess your data protection needs beginning with an understanding your applications and recovery goals. We will work with you to plan and implement a solution to ensure minimal impact when the unforeseen happens.  Ditch the onsite tape backups and embrace technology that will shorten your recovery time today.

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Backup Solutions & Disaster Recovery