Advanced Technologies

Ensure that your company’s connectivity never waivers with the help of ETC ComputerLand’s Advanced Technologies Engineers. Our team can take your highly technical issues, IP Telephony challenges, or high-end application quandaries and create custom solutions for your business.  We specialize in Servers and Networks, Network Security, Unified Communications with Cisco IP Telephony, and Network Assessments.  You can trust that our knowledge of Microsoft and our Cisco Certification is the result of years of specialized education, training, and real-world experience.

Does your computer consultant explain what they‘re doing? Our technicians are trained to be teachers and will take the time to explain in understandable terms.

Does your computer consultant wait until you have a problem to make recommendations? We adopt a proactive route and meet with you to look for new ways to help improve operations, lower costs, increase efficiencies, and resolve any problems that may arise.