Custom Programming

Application Development

Increase efficiency and productivity, identify problems, and make your business run better!

ETC ComputerLand develops custom applications that increase efficiency and productivity, identify problems, and make your business run better.

Very often these programs are simplified versions of existing practices.  Does your business rely on memory, a dozen Excel spreadsheets, or sticky-notes to move a product out the door? 

 “When there is a mismatch between technology and people, the answer should not be to change the humans."

— Jakob Nielsen

We can put a desktop application or web-based program in place that will store, track, and manage every process in your business.

  • Never lose a sale: use a customized program to manage your sales.  Enter sales leads with contact information, then track them through notes, follow-up reminders, form letter mail merge, conversion reporting, and other productive features.
  • Reduce costs: identify root causes affecting production and address them with online production reports that “crunch the numbers” by sorting through employee-entered production data and delivering real-time reports that will make your business more productive.
  • Improve work flow: Create online portals where day-to-day tasks and collaborative jobs are managed, tracked and reported.  Combine calendars, to-do lists, customer contact databases, inventories, vendor purchases, and HR functions into a simple, easy-to-use “start page.”
  • Custom means custom: let us know your business’s needs and we’ll find the solution.  Our programmers will work with you to deliver the right application, on time.

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