Mobile Application Development

Did you know that ETC ComputerLand builds mobile apps? We can program a unique mobile application for your smartphone, either with Apple’s iOS operating system or with Google’s Android. First, we take a web-based approach to the app, if it can be handled with a pure mobile website, we’ll code it to fit on any screen, whether a small iPhone screen, or larger for a tablet, like the iPad. What we mean by this is that we could actually create a website on the internet that simply looks different when users with handheld or mobile devices are looking for you.

However, if you want your app to reside on the device and be available whether your prospect has internet or not, we then build a mobile app. Whether your app is tied to an online database and visitors can review information that you control, or whether they need to submit information like photos or comments, we can certainly help. Just think of the possibilities, if you’re a restaurant, we can help with a mobile menu that looks great and fits within the screen of the device your patron wants to see. If you’re a company with marketing needs, we can put your latest product on a mobile app and allow them to view the specs, take it for a test drive, submit comments and much more.

And think it’s expensive? It’s not, call us today at 217.228.6180 to share your idea and we’ll give you a free estimate on putting your dream onto a mobile device to gain revenue and stay on the leading edge with your business!