Affordable Website Solution

ETC ComputerLand now offers an affordable website solution allowing you to more affordably market your business without sacrificing your website’s look and features.

What is a Website Template?

A website template helps cut down on costs by offering a pre-designed starting point that allows high-quality custom website design. Our templates still allow customization, but more importantly allow you to maintain your own site.

Pricing starts at $1,900, call today for more information.

Your ability to update the website yourself is a powerful advantage. Fresh content will keep your visitors coming back, and will help you turn them into customers. Using our additional options, you can make your website even more functional and successful:

  • Photo galleries
  • Event calendars
  • Forms
  • Document libraries (you upload Word, Excel, PDF and other docs, visitors download them)
  • Blogs
  • PayPal Integrated Shopping Cart

Create a website simply and quickly with design tools that are as easy to use as email or your favorite word processing program.

  • Add, edit and delete text and photos fast
  • Bold, italicize or underline text.
  • Right, left or center text & images.
  • Add bullet points
  • Add photos or graphic images
  • Add videos
  • Publishes content immediately or schedule it to publish

File uploads are simple “browse” operations, just like you’d expect. If you select optional photo galleries or calendars, those are just as easy to update.

Contact us at 217-222-1451 or for more details!