Computer Repair

ETC ComputerLand technicians are skilled in computer repair and can help if your computer is completely out of order or you are limping along with known or unknown issues. We provide custom solutions for unique problems on your desktops, laptops, servers, printers, IP technology, and peripherals.  We can repair nearly any business computer and we service any make including HP, Dell, Toshiba, Apple, Acer, Asus, Lenovo, and many more.  Let our computer repair center assist with virus or Trojan removal, repair of your Windows operating system, and much more.  We generally aim for next day turnaround.

If your computer repair needs are related to your power supply, graphics adapter, a hard drive failure, or any other hardware component, come and see us.  We will give you an estimate based on our many years of experience.  If we don’t have parts for your computer in stock, we can provide them from reputable manufacturers including Seagate, Western Digital, Maxtor, Nvidia, Asus, and many others.

Our computer repair experts have many certifications including CompTIA’s A+ and have expert level experience and training with computers, servers, Microsoft’s operating systems, and much more.  Let ETC ComputerLand work with you to repair your computer on site or drop it off for service.  We will keep your future in mind, and if we find that your system may be out of date or too expensive to repair, we will suggest an HP system that’s the right fit for your business.