Managed IT

“Our Eyes on your Network”

Is your team distracted by recurring technology issues?  Let our Managed Solutions Specialists protect your business.  Our proactive maintenance program will provide on-site assistance focusing on backup services, storage solutions, Voice Over IP (VOIP) systems, security services, disaster recovery and more.  We understand that proper maintenance can be costly, time-consuming and intimidating.  ETC ComputerLand offers flexible monitoring, alerting and reporting all your IT needs.  Those needs are as unique as your company, so let our Managed Solutions Specialists streamline your processes.  With time and experience, we have developed best practices and workflow procedures to safeguard your IT investment and take you from concept to implementation and beyond.  Avoid extended downtime and let us monitor everything for you.  At the first sign of trouble, we will alert you about the issue, or our technicians will automatically begin the remediation process.  Sometimes you’ll never know there was a failure!

MSP offerings include:

  • Availability monitoring
  • Service Block
  • Remediation provided and tracked based upon SLA (Service Level Agreement)


  • Reduced mean time to resolution
  • Save money on costly downtime
  • Priority service over non-contractual customers
  • All benefits of the Managed Services Program

Your IT Services Partner!

Like all businesses your size, you depend on your network to perform at its peak.  How often have you wanted to send an email only to find that the server was slow or that the email server was down?  How frustrated were you by disk errors or latency issues?

In today’s competitive environment, you can’t afford to fall behind.  A partnership with ETC ComputerLand backed by our Managed IT Services and Monitoring program will solve all of that by:

  • Monitoring the critical health status of devices and applications
  • Remotely diagnosing problems before they occur
  • Immediate resolution of the problem