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What It Is

Simple customer relationship management software.

What It Does

Helps keep your customers happy and your wallet fat.


Snap CRM, Our modular CRM software is designed to be easy to use and yet powerful enough to keep your business running smoothly.

The "Accounts" module is your customer database, storing contact information, account notes, and links to every ticket, project or sales lead relating to the customer. A one-click link to Google Maps & Directions makes finding your customers easy for everyone in your organization!

"Sales & Leads" organizes your notes into one single screen, date-stamped and in chronological order. "Tickets" and "Projects" keep external and internal tasks on track. "Call Log" ensures you never miss another call... and can see call trends at a glance.

"Calendar" lets you view a variety of calendars - yours, other employees, company-wide. "Knowledgebase" is a categorized database of and other information that you don't want to have to learn twice.

Snap CRM will make keeping your staff "on the same page" easy, and managing your customers simple and profitable!


Customer database
Modular design
Sales lead tracking
Call log & history
Dynamic calendar
One-click pre-filled Google Map & Directions


Easy Setup
Simple to use
Increase sales conversions
Increase productivity
Never miss a call
Collaborate internally

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