VoIP Phone Systems

An upgraded phone system can bring with it reliability, mobility, and scalability. Businesses of all sizes are switching to VoIP solutions to save money. Tech media company Tech.co reports small businesses can reduce the cost of local calls by as much as 40 percent and that of international calls by up to 90 percent with improved VoIP phone systems.

The total number of VoIP-using businesses is expected to breach 1 billion by the end of 2017, according to Juniper Research. Statista.com also reports that by 2015, the amount of data being sent by VoIP phone systems had risen to 156 petabytes of data also demonstrating a great amount of growth.

Would you like to save up to 70% of your current monthly phone bill?

You won’t just save money on the long distance. It’s an overall savings! Your real savings come from not having multiple analog lines into a business. Let’s say you have eight lines at your good-sized business … we’ll make either seven or ALL of those lines go away.  That’s a savings of $30 per line, or from $210 to $240 in savings PER MONTH!!!

If you’re ready to gain the most technological advances and productivity tools for your organization we have the system and phones for you.

ETC ComputerLand is the area’s leading IT provider with the most diversified VoIP and Network experience. We’ve been installing and supporting VoIP systems since 2004!

  • Are you stuck in an expensive hosted solution with highly monthly costs? 
  • Are you still paying for unlimited long distance as a separate charge on your phone bill?
  • Would you like to know more about who calls, how many calls you get, how many people hang up while on hold, and their average time per call? 
  • Would like to receive your voicemail in your email inbox for faster response times and easier communication?
  • Do you want your mobile workers to have the same capabilities while on the road as they do in the office?
  • Would you like to have simplified, consolidated billing, direct internal dialing between locations, flexibility with receptionist duties, and inbound call flow for multiple work locations?

You may be wondering what Voice Over IP (VoIP) phone systems can do for your business.  A VoIP phone system allows your phone line to be carried by a secure IP network with no repairs or upgrades.  Simplify your communication tools with an innovative phone system and team members will maintain access to your network at work or home using video calling, online conferencing, and more.  Your business won’t pay extra fees associated with voicemail service, long distance calling, caller ID, conferencing, or call forwarding with a VoIP phone system and it is easy to add extra lines.  Let our technicians explore critical phone system solutions for your business big or small.

Meraki Communications

100% Cloud Managed

Using the cloud-hosted Meraki dashboard, administrators can easily configure and manage phones, even remotely.

Easy Provisioning

Using zero-touch deployment, an administrator can remotely configure the device for a user or meeting room with only a serial number. The phone can be unboxed at its destination and plugged into the network. It’ll then connect to the cloud, pull down its configuration, and within seconds be ready to make calls.

Manage All the Essentials

Using the Meraki dashboard, an administrator can manage all the essentials: review call stats, configure alerts, set up conference rooms, manage a contacts directory, and set up Interactive Voice Response menus.


FortiVoice is a Fortinet product that is sure to save your business money.  Not only is FortiVoice available for a low purchase price, but it works with your existing phones and offers easy do-it-yourself setup.  Save even more money by pairing FortiVoice with IP phone systems by sharing one computer network instead of two.  ETC ComputerLand is proud to be your source for FortiVoice, providing you with everything you need including great features other systems charge extra for.  Contact us today for more details!

Does your IT consultant insist on maintaining phone service in multiple locations?  Our technicians don’t see a need for you to pay two or more phone bills.  VoIP excels in multi-location use and will simplify your systems.