ETC ComputerLand can provide a well-planned and structured cabling system for voice, data, fiber optic, and more.  Whether your cabling need is for a single line or entirely new infrastructure, our technicians will review and understand your company’s needs.  Let our experts help with the planning and estimates.  We are equipped to handle even the most challenging buildings and configurations.  We can also spot a dangerous or shoddy cabling situation and will discuss the risks and opportunities your business faces. 

Every structured cabling system is unique, and we ensure competitive pricing and proper installation based on the highest of industry standards.


ETC ComputerLand technicians offer Panduit solutions for data center power efficiency, intelligent building infrastructure, industrial networking architecture, OEM manufacturing, and MRO supply.

Does your IT consultant drop cables in inconvenient locations?  Our technicians provide a plan for cabling infrastructure and ensure that your business is not left with unsightly cabling.