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Student management software that doesn't forget the student.

A comprehensive system that allows users to access information on a real-time basis, BrightSTAR fits the needs of your entire staff – covering the student from enrollment and beyond.

What It Is

BrightSTAR is an online management system for residential treatment facilities, boarding schools, therapeutic treatment centers, and other facilities.  

Through a simple web based application, authorized users are able to easily find information about students including assignments, incidents, housing, and more.

What It Does

BrightSTAR organizes all of the information about a student from the time they are enrolled, and tracks them throughout the duration of their stay and beyond.  

Teachers, Counselors, Staff and Administrators have all the information about a student that they need at their fingertips, based on their role and relationship with the student.


  • Extremely detailed personal records that include a photo of people such as students, users, teachers, group leaders, tutors, and counselors.

  • Session and Schooling Management including Course, Attendance, Assignment, Grade, Sessions and Room Management.

  • Transcript Management including daily scores, quarterly and semester grades, and transcripts.

  • Tuition Management including fee types, invoicing and payments.

  • Ability to manage personal records including medical record & attachments, physical restrictions, mental health treatments, allergies, parent/guardian contact info, cross-referenced household information, student photo, previous school information & transcripts, course registrations, and authorized visitors.

  • Correspondence module that is flexible, customizable, and includes record attachment.

  • Robust incident reporting that includes incident details, notes, type of discipline administered, witnesses, participants, demerits assigned, and notes so you can gain a better understanding of the nature of your disciplinary environment.


  • Individual user settings, so that only those with ‘need-to-know’ access can view medical, incident and other confidential information.

  • Web based platform for easy access from anywhere an internet connection is available.

  • Comprehensive Household structure, so that multiple members of the same family can be handled administratively as single unit.

  • "Sticky notes" that automatically purge from the system (great for simple reminders or staff notes).

  • Customizable Dashboard Views.

  • Innovative and user-friendly interface including drag and drop functionality, auto suggest form fills, one click PDF or Word Conversion and much, much more!

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