About Us

ETC ComputerLand (formerly known as ETC Computer Solutions) began operations in 1997, serving various roles for companies and individuals in Quincy, Illinois . ETC served many functions including web site creation and development, networking, server maintenance and security, and computer repair. Eric Thomas, founder and president, began the business as a part-time venture and in 2000 he decided to dedicate himself to the operation full-time. As the business began to grow, many new opportunities presented themselves in the world of computers and technology.

In 2003, ETC began employing staff and moved into the Western Catholic Union building in Quincy , Illinois . After one year, growth and opportunity presented itself in such a way that expansion was necessary. In July 2004, ETC moved to the Pear Tree Villa building on South 8 th Street . In February of 2007, ETC purchased ComputerLand of Quincy and a move was made to the new location on Kochs Lane . Seemingly overnight, ETC ComputerLand’s staff doubled and new opportunities invited themselves into the framework. ComputerLand of Quincy provided an expansive history of commitment to excellence through systemization and a breadth of knowledge through its people. The combined staff of ETC and ComputerLand, have paved the way as a comprehensive team of quality people, dedicated to growth and development of their customers, their company, and themselves.

ETC ComputerLand provides services including but not limited to: web site creation and development, custom database management and programming, server setup and management, business networking and security including Cisco switching, wireless and security products, along with a host of integrated technologies presenting outstanding growth potential for the future.

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